Trash Talking

October 26, 2007
By dan sabetti, NEWTON, HI

The problem that I have and other people have is that people think that they are funny, but they are not. Some problems that I have is that it gets annoying after a while, old, and ludacris. It happens on a lot on Xbox Live. Xbox Live is on an Xbox 360, but you play with people all over the world and that is when trash talking happens a lot. You are able to talk to them with a head set and that is when trash talking happens. It gets worse when there is more than one person, like a group of people. When people laugh at their own jokes and no one else does and they keep on going on and on. That’s the funny part about the joke to me. Most times I want to play but the people that think they are funny try to trash talk and I just want to play. Trash talking happens everywhere, like school, sports, and public. At last football game I had against Watertown, A lot of trash talking happened on the line, and trash talking happens on other sports that I play. But it is something that I have to deal with.

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