Freshman Elections Should Be Fairer

October 12, 2007
Question, do you think that the elections for class representatives were fair for the freshmen? Because I certainly do not. It became a popularity contest, instead of an election on the ideas and/or beliefs of the candidates. Would you want your representatives to have absolutely no idea what they’re doing but are the most popular in the school or would you rather have a smart, wise, and intelligent person who’s reserved? It’s clear to me what the answer to that question is.

According To Mrs. Pearlman, a teacher at the Roslyn High School and advisor of the OCC (student government at Roslyn High School), the elections for the candidates for the freshmen is becoming a bit popularity contest. She said when it comes time to pick the president, there will be speeches. I asked if she felt that the platforms were displayed and all students saw them and she replied “I don’t know. If they listened to the announcements.” According to Mrs. Pearlman, the awareness level and display method of the platforms as of right now is not a success because “it’s too crazy.” In her opinion, “class representatives do not need to make speeches because of the time limit we have. It’d take a long time for all the candidates to make there speeches.” From what I can tell, Mrs. Pearlman thinks that the election for freshmen is and isn’t fair in different circumstances.

According to Samantha R, a freshman at Roslyn High School, the elections for representatives for freshmen is becoming a popularity contest. “The candidates should have more publicity- speeches, advertisement, everything. Right now, they only have a little platform that most people aren’t going to go out of their way to pay attention to,” says the freshman. “During the election on Friday, I looked at the sheet and I knew who everyone was but I had no idea that some of the people were running…Even though the election is now over, I didn’t read the platforms. I mean, yes, it’s important to me, because these people are going to be representing me, but, like I said, I don’t think I’m going to go out of my way to see it. If they want my vote, they’re going to have to work for it.” So overall, Samantha R definitely doesn’t think that the elections for freshmen representatives are just.

I agree with both Mrs. Pearlman and Samantha Rosen. I do not think that the elections are fair. Put yourself in the position of a person who didn’t read the platforms. Who would you vote for? Exactly, you wouldn’t know. So, you’d probably just ask the person sitting next to you or maybe you heard some other kids mention a candidates’ name or two in the hallway before class. Is that the way you’d like your student government to be run? The display method and awareness level of the platforms is definitely not a success. That is why this should be changed and made more successful.

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