Murderers in the highschool hallway

October 11, 2012
By angelicanXdreamer GOLD, Richmond, Other
angelicanXdreamer GOLD, Richmond, Other
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The shattering suicide of an innocent kind-hearted girl from the never-ending victimisations, attacks and bullying is heartbreaking.
With every step through the high school halls I know that the jokes and laughter of roaring dominant groups can put a fragile heart in vicious venom hands.
Maybe, a girl made a mistake; she’s a victim to bullying. Maybe, a girl now earned depression; she’s still looked upon as a lighthearted joke.
Those “entertaining jokes” steal the beaten down girl’s life, and suddenly those destructive people care.

The wronged guilt creeps slowly and haunts one’s days forever, only now does it impact the heart.
Stop bullying and start caring, before you take someone's life away.
Rest in Peace Amanda; may your painful story blossom into a revolution and put an end to bullying.

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