A Wonderful Life

August 8, 2008
By Jessi Hottois, Mt.Washington, KY

A wonderful life
My hero, my protector, and my weakness and strength. My mom is always there for me no matter what the problem. Even if she was a million miles away she would be there as soon as possible, if anything was wrong. She would come with her helping hands, her golden smile, and her hazel eyes focused on the problem. Her chocolate brown hair would just follow her every move. I know that just her smile and touch alone would make me feel much better.

Out of this dog eat dog world I know who I can talk to and rely on, my mom. I can trust my mom to get the job done for me on time. When she says she’s going to do something she does it. I know that no matter what I do or say she will be there for me when I need her. She would come running to me just to catch me when I fall. She always points out something funny or plain out weird in all my mistakes. This has taught me to laugh at my mistakes because most of the time they’re pretty funny. My mom never judges me about all my outrageously weird plans or ideas; instead she’s right by my side the whole way making them even better. One time I asked her to help me turn my room into a soccer room and she went an extra 200 miles to make sure I loved my room. She bought huge soccer posters, got a soccer poem off the internet and framed it, and brought in a soccer net to hang over my bed as a canvas. She painted my whole room red, white and blue, the colors of the woman’s U.S.A. team and even painted a giant mural on one wall. She bought a ton of soccer accessories and additional items like picture frames for my room. I just wanted my room to show me, but she truly made my room a soccer dream room.
Trust is
Trust is
The light that shines in your eyes
The hazel sparkles
Like stars at night
Trust is
The warmth of your smile
Before I go to sleep
Trust is
The morning hug
Before I go to school
Trust is
My love for you
And your love for me

I can also trust her to help me. If I have anything to tell her she will listen and give me advice even if it’s something stupid or dumb, but she doesn’t care. I think my mom is the only true person who understands me through and through. She teaches me just to have fun and sometimes if music is playing, we will just bust out into a crazy dance like we were in some kind of musical. I try to make fun out of everything I do and you’d be surprised just how much you really can make fun. Everyone says I’m so full of life and now I know who I get it from.
Even though my mom and I argue sometimes about the stupidest of things, I need my mom so much that it’s to hard to stay mad at her for long. I know now looking back on some of our arguments that most of them were my fault and because of that I know I need to try to not be so rude to my mom. When I was little I never really got why she would yell at me because I did something wrong. I thought it was because she felt like yelling at me. I would have never thought it was because she loved me. That might be one of the reasons why when I was little I drew closer to my dad. I mean I’ve always been a daddy’s girl, which makes me think that my mom doesn’t know just how much I really do need her. When I hug my mom it means so much. I think if there was only one thing I could ever do it would be to hug my parents because every hug is a reassurance of their love for me, like a homing bird coming back after you’ve let it go. Most of the things my mom does for me I end up learning a lesson from, which makes me feel like I’m in a T.V. show.
Helping me
I know she is helping me
To grow in mind
By the way she hugs me
The way she never leaves me behind
I know she is helping me
To reach my dreams
By the way she lets me know
The way she tells me it can be easier than it seems
I know she is helping me
To just be me
By the way she lets me decide
The way she says the heart is key

The thing that amazes me the most out of all the mistakes I’ve made is that she would give her life for me, even though I wouldn’t let her. I don’t think there’s ever been a time she hasn’t put me before her. Little things like choosing where to eat or what flavor of juice to get. She may not know it, but little things like that are the things that make her a wonderful mom. I will always love her for the little things she does for me and even more just because she loves me.
I know my mom has a life too, but instead she chooses to drive me and my brother to soccer and our many after school events practically everyday. She works so hard for me by just getting things like a certain type of notebook or a certain type of candy that it would be impossible to repay her for all the wonderful things she does for me. While she’s sacrificing her life for her family, my mom still keeps organized and gets us where we need to go.
The thing I love most is just spending a day out with my mom. It doesn’t matter where or what just being out with her makes me happy. Above all the things she has done for me the one I appreciate the most was when my brother, sister, and I were little my mom chose to stay home instead of simply dropping us off at a day care and going to work. That alone meant the world to me. I loved that my mom stayed at home with us and just spent time with us while other moms were at work. I love knowing that I’m that important to my mom.
She’d give her life
She’d give her life
That’s what’s so special
She’d give it all to me
That’s what helps me know
That no matter what I’ll be her angel
Her silver lining of the day
She’d come running to my aid
To wash the bad times away
That’s what helps me know
She’ll be here for me right now
By my side
And I’ll be there for her in time to come
By her side

I love my mom so much no one could ever replace her. I try to be different than everyone, but to know I’m like her in personality and looks just makes my day golden. I can trust her to always be there for me and I know that we would both hitchhike through mountains and woods to get to each other. Without her my life would be so plain and boring and I probably would not try as hard as I do in every thing. She makes my life wonderful; a wonderful life is when you can’t get to sleep at night because reality is better than a dream.

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