On the death penalty

August 6, 2008
By Michael Kane, Lawrenceville, GA

Many people seem to believe that the death penalty is wrong but let's think on it for a moment. The sentence of life with out the possibility of parole is essentially a death penalty with the exceptions of we have to pay to feed, clothe and house the the person who has killed a productive member of society, and It allows a possibility for a dangerous criminal. I believe that in all honesty the more humane thing to do with today's technology is to administer lethal injection, I mean seriously would you want to be languishing in a small cell for decades, probably not. We seem to have this strange notion that killing murderers is stooping to their level. WRONG! that's like saying imprisoning kidnappers is stopping to their level and unless we're willing to re institute the chain gang we're back to the if you're unwilling to kill them we're paying about 50,000 dollars a year to keep these people in prison. They're dead weight on society I'm not saying use cruel methods to kill people. my dad has this thing he thinks should be done to pedophiles shoot them in the groin then a half hour later shoot them in the head, that's simply unnecessary cruelty. a single needle is all the pain necessary I'm a firm believer in using the most humane way to kill someone we have or we are stooping to there level.

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