High School and Human Nature

August 5, 2008
By Sydney Ryall, Auburn, NY

Due to human nature, high school can either be a living hell full of anguish and despair, or a grand and shining utopia of fun an memories you would never return. Because of these two polar extremes, it seems these days that everyone has a slightly skewed view of high school...or do they?

Ask any teenager today what they think about high school and they will probably tell you they hate it. Why do kids hate school so much? Your teachers may not be so great and your classes may be a little less then exciting, but you still have your friends right? If you ask your grandparents what they thought about school, they will probably tell you that they loved it. They had their friends, they studied hard, and yet still had time for fun.

In this day and age kids try in school, but not hard enough. Teens are just too worried about about the latest drama: which clicks hate which clicks and who hooked up with who. “Can you believe that “preppy” girl actually tired talking to that “scene” girl?” Wow, where would I be without the knowledge that someone actually tried performing the basic human function of talking to someone else? “Can you believe that they actually go out now? Eew.” Breaking news everyone! Someone is happy dating somebody else! What is this world coming to?

You see, school isn't all bad. You get to see your friends and create lasting memories. They may not all be great, but that is life. So I ask, can't everyone just be happy and get along? Ah. The eternal quest. What every inhabitant of this world seems to strive for. But think, would high school really be high school without all of the senseless drama and pointless confrontations?

You may say that you have never gossiped about anyone or believed gossip before, but you have. If you haven't done such, then you simply aren't human. We love to hear new things. We are all nosy. We love to be like good old American housewives sitting around and getting all the latest dirt on who said what, by disguising yourself as “just curious”. We as simple, yet oh-so intricate human beings try and keep up with the Joneses, not only with meaningless stuff, but socially too; taking every word and holding onto it like a treasured possession. When a person mentions something about someone, nine times out of ten you amp up what they say. If not to make you seem cooler, then to make said person seem more or less like a nobody in your carefree and extraordinary life.

High school is almost like a monarchy. If your sibling was “cool”, then so are you. The more money you have, the amount of “friends” you have acquired, and the way you dress all make you appear to be better then everyone else. A divine right. The Mandate of heaven, high school style.

So are kids today just being over dramatic on the way they see school? Are they completely on the ball? Even without all the stupid drama and child like tattle-tailing, reshaping the way we see the boring and mundane rituals that come along with education, wouldn't it still have a negative effect? The one thing everyone needs to live pushing kids to the breaking point, where their judgment becomes so impaired that it seems they, the kids, our future, are on a drug? That's just it. High school is a drug. It's the drug that fuels those emotional highs and lows for teens. The anguished filled hells and the shining utopias that make us remember what it's like to be a kid.

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danieldavid said...
on Aug. 18 2008 at 2:02 am
thats intense <3

you gotta post another one soon

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