moving from primary to secondary

August 5, 2008
By Jennifer Adeyemo, London, ZZ

Moving years is bad enough but moving from primary school to secondary seems worse. But as time slowly goes by it doesn’t seem that bad you’ll be able to make friends with your own age even if nobody from your old school is there just remember everybody else there is in the same position as you, scared, noxious and terrified and afraid to be bullied and I should know since I am feeling that way right now. It’s important to always find the right crowd people similar to your self but that’s not enough is it? You need to be able to trust these people so make sure their not doing bad things and they are clean. Word of advice if you mix with the wrong crowd you’ll end up doing wrong things. When you start school act quiet and timid so older kids will leave you alone if you act quiet. Don’t ever try and get all lippy with older kids they will just make your life hell in school but don’t be afraid to stand up to them if they start bullying you because if you show them that you are weak they will never stop but if you show that you have a back bone they will respect you and defend you in anything.

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