October 23, 2012
By brioeth BRONZE, Roy, Utah
brioeth BRONZE, Roy, Utah
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when you hear the word hero what do you think of? Do you think about superman, spider man, batman, or do you think about police or firefighters or social workers or maybe your own parents or your spouse. A hero isn't just necessarily someone who saves the world, a hero is a person who is constantly there for you who supports what you do yeah they help you out in need and are there constantly for you. We all grew up with the idea that spider man was a real live hero who would someday come to our rescue but that isn't the case.So many people do not realize that policemen, firefighters, social workers paramedics or even there parents are real live heroes and it doesn't get any better than that. we should be grateful for the people in our lives today because they do so much for us and half the time we actually don't realize it including the men in the military. they are fighting for our lives each day so thank you so much and remember the next time you see someone important in your life well just maybe that person is your hero.

The author's comments:
heroes you see a lot of super heroes at Halloween and it made me wonder

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