The Perfect Guy

July 31, 2008
By Christina Chao, East Brunswick, NJ

After talking to my friend on the phone for hours, we made a list of characteristics our perfect guy would have. We compared results and weren’t surprised by how similar our results came out to be. Every girl wants the true love seen in movies. Movies that reenact love, beautify it, traumatize it all seem to serve as reminders of love’s existence: it just emphasizes the realness and passion of love. The only problem with our world today is that everyone is so picky and broken. How do you find true love? How do you know you’re in love? How do you know deep inside your heart that the person you are with is the one you’ll be with forever? The world serves to give us a sense of heartbreak. We watch those movies, hear those love songs, see those couples holding hands, etc. How could we not feel heartbroken or lonely at the very least? Well, love doesn’t come according to your schedule. Love just happens. Of course everyone wants someone to grow old with, to spend time with, to wake up and smile to. It’s just something to experience in life. But what I’ve learned is that our world focuses too much on perfections, never reaching a final conclusion to settle down with someone. Our world instills in us the search to find that perfect guy to love, but in reality those perfect guys don’t exist. No one is perfect even though the guys depicted in the media seem to be. Tall, dark, handsome, toned, tanned, built, blue-eyed, chiseled grin are just some of the physical characteristics the perfect guy would have….showing how superficial our world is. “Guys that good looking are no good because they’ll hurt you,” my mother told me. Honestly, I have found that I have been a very superficial person in all my relationships in the past, and I have found myself feeling more empty and less confident. However, throughout my experiences in the dating arena and hanging out with my guy friends, I have learned to accept and appreciate differences, quirks, idiosyncrasies that shape a person’s character and personality. And what I found out is that my future mate isn’t someone who is Romeo or Superman…my most attraction lies with a guy who is real to himself and knows his identity.

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