No Sanity

July 27, 2008
I left; went out running to find some sanity and maybe some answers. The cold was bittersweet. And I tried to not think too much. But then I stopped. I don’t know what it was but something caught my eye and I stopped. I put my hand to the road. Then I listened. But I couldn’t. There was nothing to hear, just a soft, distant call of a lonely bird. There was no movement anywhere. So I stopped moving. Why move in a place that stands still? You won’t get anywhere. I turned around to look at the sun. A bright orange ball suspended in nothingness. It looked so unreal. I had to leave. The solemnity of the place was saddening. I couldn’t look to the sky. It had such a lonely tone to it. So I turned around and went back; back to nothing.

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