Waiting on the world to change...

July 26, 2008
By Anonymous

Growing up,I've realized that many "things" that happen in the world have a major affect on me.
Such as,the "Jena 6" situation or even the "Obama/Hilary" race.From politics to misunderstandings,they all seem to have an importance in my life.
Growing up in today's society can be very difficult.I would love to hear the latest gossip and all of the juicy new details but,there are many more important things in the world(no offense to them).AIDS is at an all time high,Families are being torn apart by simple mistakes,and children are being taught to hate rather than love.When is society going to teach my generation the importance of voting or the promotion of safe sex.We'd rather worry about who's having a party and when is there going to be a fight.We are the future of not only America but,the whole world.We reside in an artificial world.Children choose drugs over school books,myspace or facebook over CNN,and music over spending time with their family.Though I have subjected to that behavior,I decided to take a stand because,I refuse to have my little brother look up to an NBA player opposed to Martin Luther King.Or have my baby cousin worry about what's the latest trend instead of what Martin Luther King did for this country.I'm not saying to completely stop us from living and having fun.But,simply open your eyes and focus so that we can have a secure future.It's time to wake up.It's time not to make only one slight difference but,for the world to change.

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