It's all in your mind

October 22, 2012
By Anonymous

It’s All in Your Mind

It’s 5:30, I am awakened by my alarm. I feel as if I can’t move. My body tells me no, go back to bed but I get up anyway. I stumble out to the kitchen and flick on the light. I’m blinded by the light. It feels as if I’m looking into the sun. I get out my Lucky Charms and bowl. Then I reach into the fridge and grab the milk. I have Lucky Charms every morning and they are magically delicious. Then I proceed to pack my stuff for school and get my morning wrestling clothes on. I go outside and get slapped in the face by the frigid air. I sprint to my truck, jump in, fire it up, and then crank the heat up as high as it will go. It is still dark out on my way to school. I’m on the lookout for deer to jump out at me; I try really hard not to fall asleep, but I stay focused on the road. I make it to school and go to morning wrestling practice.

My mornings are always very tiring but I continue anyway even though I don’t need to. Sometimes I just want to quit but there’s that voice in me that tells me to keep pushing. I hate that voice sometimes, but it keeps me in check and I always end up better when I listen to it. That little voice comes back to me whenever I’m having a hard time with my life. It pushes me though and helps me succeed in life. That little voice is like my wrestling coach, he is always pushing me to be greater at everything I do. He’s encourages me even when I try to quit. Unlike most coaches he doesn’t yell at you when you are on the mat. It’s almost like he whispers to you. There’s something about how he encourages you that makes you want to work even harder at whatever he tells you to. When I’m cutting weight, I want to quit because it’s very hard. But Mr. Jones always tells me, “that it is all in my mind and if I put my mind to it, it will be easy.” Whether you have a coach, parent, friend, or yourself to push you; there is always that little thing that drives you, but it is up to you if you listen to it.

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