July 22, 2008
By Meredith Roberts, Sequim, WA

Why is it that we spend so much time running away? In our life there is so much pain, heartbreak, and
anger that the questions of how are we supposed to deal runs through our mind everyday. How can the
most miniscule things break us down so much? In ten years who is going to care if we aced a history test or
did great on the SATs or anything that matters so much now. Who is to say that being smart and getting
into Harvard is going to make your life any more fulfilling than another’s? With life being so unpredictable
you have to find Stabilization in there somewhere. Whether it is friends or family, you have to admit that
you can’t handle it all. Being myself an honors student I sometimes wonder what’s the point? Why am I
squished into this category held above so many when I am no better then the rest? I cheat, I lie, probably

more than most. I hurt people, I hurt myself, and I am human. Everything about me is so far from perfect,

so why do I strive for it? The hardest thing for me in my life is my fear, to lose control. I can’t handle not
being able to decide my fate or know my future. Obviously I spend my days in fear. The never knowing
minutes that follow each other, the stress placed by the hand of the beholder. If I even hear a singly tear fall
I think of the worst possible things. Maybe that’s because of my past, but my past has built me to be who I
am. My family’s choices have made me. But I have to power to be whoever. Now I am beginning to
wonder if what I think I need, is what is the best for me. Maybe the furthest away or most expensive or
most popular college isn’t the best for me. Maybe I need to just stop running. ; from my past from my
present from who I am and who is around me. Sometimes I just feel haunted, but I can’t keep running.
Or I'm going to end up lost and alone with nowhere left to go.”

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