July 21, 2008
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hello today is the same as last Monday waking up @ 10 staying in bed listening to music for the next 15 minutes or so then getting up to eat breakfast, then ask my mom a stupid question just to go back in my room turn on my TV watch an hour of some other channel just because i am to pathetic to find anything else to do before 11 because @ 11 Gilmore girls starts then i pathetically go on with the rest of my boring day which I'm sure no one wants to hear about. well maybe but yesterday i mixed it up a little bit i mean it isn't like I'm the predictable. well yesterday it was raining and i so was not in the mood for tv probably because i was just a church with my 2 friends one is totally misunderstood probably because he just moved hear and lets face it my town is pretty dead seriously if you want to do any thing fun you have to drive about an hour to get there. and my other friend well she if amazing like totally great friend we had differences for a long time well because i hadn't said more than a 5 words to her for like 4 years. she had her friends always around her and i didn't. she also went to a different church which meant we would probably only see each other every so often well @ camp last spring brake we were locked out of the cabin and we became friends from that moment. so if you ever deside that you dont want to watch tv and be incredibly predictable like me tack and think about what you can do instead because there is a world of people just like me with this incredible imagination now you need to put it to the test.
well if you ask me i would say you can make any thing adictive and pursnaly i think that is just how the teen mind works.

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