Ms, Peronto

July 21, 2008
By Jake Griffioen, Hartland, WI


Sophomore English is the class dreaded by every student that walks in the doors of Arrowhead High School. I was one of the thousands that endured the course, but it was probably one of the few who ever learned something. The lessons I learned from my dedicated teacher will stay with me the rest of my life.
Ms. Peronto was a new teacher that had high hopes for herself and every one of her students. Beginning a teaching career at Arrowhead is a hard task for a newly graduated education professional. The level of commitment and perfection that is expected is unlike any other school. Her friends told her a job at Arrowhead is not worth the long hours and never-ending work load. She started her career despite their pessimism and jumped in whole heartedly. She showed exceptional skill and knowledge as an educator in her years at Arrowhead. She never gave up and never stopped teaching. She wanted to prepare every one of her students for the world ahead of them. Through her teaching, she perfected our writing and communication skills and also taught us how to respect others.
Ms. Peronto never lost sight of the importance of the English language and how important it was to every student’s future. She taught us all the grammar rules in a way that we would remember them. Using metaphors and creative acronyms, the rules stuck in our heads. She taught us oratory through speeches and plays that helped us practice our skills for the future. She helped perfect our papers by reading them over and making suggestions before they were due. The basics she taught would have created brilliant people but to her, that it wasn’t enough.

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