July 17, 2008
By Anonymous

All things in life contribute back to a circle. As is in a young life, certain things influence inspiration (as others do not) and sometimes bring out something better. With all people, all things create some sort of spark in their mind, but whether or not they acknowledge the certain they finally act. So it could also be like saying "you pick what you want to, not necessarily whats better for you." It is truth that given our own bubble of choosing, we want something that we cannot have and what we have we never wanted in the first place. So how was it this thing we never wanted came into our personal world?? It got there because our inner voice had a yearning for it and we ourselves were over-ruled by that little itty bitty teensy weensy calling for it from the universe. And who knows, maybe that voice is what we really want...but then again since (wo)man only uses keenly 10.237 percent of our own brain, who's to say its not what we REALLY want anyway??
You see, these little things we have own us (so to say.) They are like the tiny gears making Big Ben function properly and all the "little people" celebrities "step on" to get where they currently are. Hmmm dontcha just hate those phony speeches that last 3 minutes? (lol) So in everything ELSE that humans do in this world, the true "error in our ways" is that we don't think. Don't think about what we say before it comes out, don't think about the consequences of our previous actions, and especially don't think about anyone but ourselves no matter how much we think we do.
Even though we use only a small percent of our minds, what we DO use is rapidly changing. Always reeling with a new idea in the now. So while your reading this current selection its not what was originally on my mind, but to think my thoughts started out with crayons.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for hopeful peace in the world.

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