July 20, 2008
By Seda Kojoyan, Bethesda,

You are so unlike me: fast, confident, unforgiving. It seems that you have a heart of stone, for you have seen so many unspeakable crimes, but have never stopped to weep and pray for the victims. You think that by going forward no matter what, you heal all wounds. I am neither your judge, nor creator: it is not for me to decide whether or not that is true.

You have been there since the beginning (has there really been one?) and will exist long after the end will come (will it come?): you must have the universal truth engraved permanently on you.

You give people wisdom, but much too late, for they have been already deprived of youthful ignorance, which is the secret to all conquests.

to see you go by, time! But you slip away from my hands and there is nothing I can do about it. You are stronger than me, much stronger than any of us. To conquer time means to conquer

I bow down to your superiority, perhaps with hatred, but I do.

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