July 22, 2008
By Brigid Cami, Blacksburg, VA

It is sensible, that we, as Americans, want the perfect president. We want the president who will stand up for us and help the world for the better like no other president before. This is all logical, of course. But then there are other things that we, as Americans, must explain.

In most cases, when looking for something perfect, like no other, we look outside the box. That’s what our mentors tell us, that’s what our parents tell us, and that’s what we do when we want something like no other. So here is the conflict: if we want a president like no other, than why are we looking in the same field, on the same page, in the same old box? We always look for the same qualities: married, with kids, with high education, etc, etc, etc. It seems to me, that we, as Americans, are afraid to take a risk. One might have noticed by now that I speak of nothing currently happening. There has been no president that we have turned down because s/he didn’t have these qualities. But then again, look at our candidates now. They are married, with kids, and with a high education; sound familiar? You see the other people, with great ideas about the world and this country, are dropped off before they can even cross the starting point.

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