Maybe Tomorrow

July 15, 2008
By Whitney Aviles-Low, Houston, TX

The thing about tomorrow is that it seems to come both too soon and not soon enough. You start off one morning, six ‘o clock, barely get out of bed and already you’re thinking about that big whatever it is that’s going to happen at this same time the very next day; in other words, tomorrow. You either love it or you hate it, either way you’re pretty anxious about it and can’t wait for today to be over – either that or you wish today somehow made itself last forever. But unless some genius somewhere invents some Remote Control of Time or something, that’s not likely to happen. Six ‘o clock quickly becomes eight ‘o clock, eight ‘o clock quietly slips into noon, noon quickly descends into the shadows of evening, and before you know it you’re curling up in bed and sleeping away the last few hours of your today. You open your eyes to your alarm clock and BAM; your today has suddenly become yesterday, and your tomorrow has crept up on you rather rudely and announced itself as your new today.

That big, gut-churning event is going to happen soon, whatever it is. It’s hardly believable that the moment could have arrived so quickly when it felt like you were just in the middle of contemplating it, but here it is. Now that it’s here, though, there’s another tomorrow just ahead of you, slowly chasing the little laughing minutes and riding on the waves of the hours straight into your today – straight into you. That big whatever-it-is comes, and you either wish it were over right now or wish it could last forever; you’re either beckoning for tomorrow to just hurry the heck up or shooting it a mixture of remorseful and contemptuous glances and warning it that it’d better stay away for as long as it possibly can. “As long as it possibly can” is never very long anyway, so such warning glances tend to be useless in the long run. Whichever way people choose to react to the looming force of tomorrow, it never fails to wash over them quite sooner than most are comfortable with, even those who’d beckoned for it to hurry up and reach them already.

Because, you see, the thing about tomorrow is that it comes too soon, even when it seems that it doesn’t come soon enough. People might think that there’s only one tomorrow that they have to deal with, but there’s always a whole string of tomorrows waiting to consume them right after the tomorrow before it has had its turn. Plus, there’s no telling when the next tomorrow might be your last – maybe, in fact, your last tomorrow is actually today. You never know. That’s just the thing. So when it comes to time, some people might prefer not to worry about it at all. I know I’d rather not. Things will get themselves done, and all those big whatever-it-is events will clear themselves up quicker than a blink and a nod. Everything’s cool for right now, and besides, there’s always tomorrow…

…or not.

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