Oh Look, A Bomb

July 21, 2008
By Andrea Vega, West New York, NJ

A recent poll in Teenink's website read " Do you think the U.S. can 'win' the war in Iraq?" My question is "What war?" There were two buttons you could click. One read "Yes" the other read "No".Where was the button thar read "Neither. The war in Iraq has no meaning at all what are we still doing over there?" I sure as heck couldn't find it! Wait! What are we still doing over there!!?
You could say that president Bush declared war over the Middle East on the grounds that the twin towers were attacked. Okay. What are you going to do? Point a bomb twords the attackers' country,make the people who had nothing to do with it say their sorry an then bomb their country anyway!! What does this solve!? NOTHING!!
I understand that most of the people in America's government are oil crazy. Not the PEOPLE of America but America's GOVERNMENT! You see, the only reason WE use so much oil is because our government shoves it down our throats! It cost alot of money for us! They get money we lose it! I've never heard anyone tell me "Here, use this pollutant free fuel for your car! It will save you money AND the Earth!" NOPE NOT ONCE!
If we all start using alternative resorces instead of ones that can run out quickly we really wouldn't have to fight over things as much. HONESTLY PEOPLE!! Meet up with each other and have a conversation that dosn't involve blowing up someones neighborhood!

The author's comments:
In the words of the band TSOL: "WAKE UP SILENT MAJORITY!!"

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