I Believe In Friendship

October 14, 2012
By Kathryn Hall BRONZE, Upton, Massachusetts
Kathryn Hall BRONZE, Upton, Massachusetts
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I believe in true friendship. Not the I-am-here-for-you-when-I-need-something type of friendship but, the kind that you consider them your family. The friend that is there for me no matter how smooth or rough the ride is. I didn't understand the true meaning of friendship till last year. At that point I wasn't sure the difference from my best friends and just the normal friend. To me it was all the same, but I was wrong. When school started that morning as soon as I walked into class a group of boys started to laugh. I was being laughed at for wearing my glasses. Something that I couldn't control nor change. I didn't choose to have bad vision but yet I still got laughed at for it. That was when I realized that your true friends always have your back. My friends could have sat there like everyone else and laughed along because that would have been the easy and cool thing to do. Instead they made sure those boys wouldn't open there big mouths again.

True friends aren't only there to defend you in the bad times but yet they are also there to enjoy the good times. Every memory I have includes them from going to the cape, to cheerleading in my backyard, and even just sitting in my room singing spice girls over and over. They can change my worst day to the best and without them I would be lost. Another reason I believe in friendship is because my friends have been there for the hard choices that I couldn't do alone. When applying to Mount me and my friend both knew it would be hard to not be in the same school after 8 years of going to school together. My friend could have sat there and begged me not to go but instead she encouraged me and supported my decision. Having friendship can help you push through hard decisions even if your scared to try. If not for my friend I don't know if i would have pushed myself to be at the school I am at today.

You know that you have a true friendship when you can talk on the phone for hours, walk into there house like its your own, and laugh together like you just drank a whole box of coffee. Without my best friends I wouldn't make it through anything because they are what hold me together. They have changed and shaped me into the girl I am today. I believe that everyone should be able to experience friendship. People may have there family but to me my best friends are my sisters. I may grow and change but one thing that will never change is having my girls by my side. I believe in true friendship and I think you should too.

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Inspired my my english teacher.

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