I Believe

October 12, 2012
By znoke98 BRONZE, Cumberland, Rhode Island
znoke98 BRONZE, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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Zachary Noke


I believe

Bzzz! That was the sound of the buzzer, signaling that the game will have to be extended an extra five minutes so a winner can be determined. As I was skating to the bench from the net, I looked down on the pearl-white ice and realized that I could be the one deciding if we win or lose the game. I didn’t want to risk my team’s fate just for my anxiety to rise. As I approached the puck-marked and team-filled bench, my coach addressed me with a crucial question, “Do you want to play overtime.”

My coach was an intimidating full grown man with a beard like San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson. That question just kept repeating in my head and I kept saying should I or not. I could make a big save and win my team the game or I could let in a weak shot and be blamed for the loss. After it seemed like hours, I finally said,” No, put the other one in.”

The fans were shocked when they didn’t see me skating out to the ocean-blue crease. I guess I just couldn’t think I could do it. I believe that self-confidence is very important for everyone so they can do what they want to do. After we lost that game, my whole family was disappointed that I didn’t take a shot at being the hero or being the loser. Confidence played a major role for me in deciding that choice.

After that game, I realized that I needed more self-confidence. The very next game that went into overtime I promised myself that I would play. The final game of the championship went into overtime. I was out there playing. We eventually won and I felt like I was on top of the world. My self-esteem went up along with my ego. The loudest chant came from the sold-out crowd as they called my name to receive my trophy. Self-confidence couldn’t keep me back that time when regulation ended.

Over the seasons following that championship game, there wasn’t one overtime game that I didn’t want to play. I felt a boost of confidence and rise of ego and thought nothing bad could happen now. I now do everything better than before. That is because I have more confidence. I believe that self-confidence is a huge factor for people in everyday life.

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