October 11, 2012
By Alex Xanthakis BRONZE, North Smithfield, Rhode Island
Alex Xanthakis BRONZE, North Smithfield, Rhode Island
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Imagine that the entire world has now become boring. Everything is now strictly business and there’s no room for entertaining times, and no room for jokes. What kind of world would this be? “Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain”, Edward de Bono said this quote, and it could not be any more right. More than any other function, laughter keeps us entertained, it can occupy our minds, and I’m sure that you’ve realized that a good joke seems to stick in your head for a very long time. Laughter is a key way people can remain positive because even in a negative situation, something funny may always cheer you up. Humor is actually an essential element of life as in studies it has been proven that only fifteen minutes cumulated of laughing is equivalent to the same benefits as two hours of sleep. When you laugh it’s like releasing all of the pent up emotion that you may have inside of you from a hard day, it’s like allowing everything you have caged up inside to just let loose and be free, and it’s like that first day of Summer after a hard school year where you just can’t wait for it to come and when it finally does you’re so happy you can’t even put it into words. In my own life jokes and laughs have become a key part. No matter how hard school may get at times or how difficult running that last mile in a race may be, maybe if I just remember the last joke I heard I may be able to push through it. Maybe if I focus on only the good in things it will make the bad just that much less threatening, it’s like a game of good against evil, but the more you allow the good to take control the better. Laughter is that good and if you allow it to fill you up, then it will; it will force the difficulties to pale in comparison to its own power. Jokes have a strong power and it becomes very noticeable. For example, I’m sure you have that one friend, that funny one. We all do. And though he may be a little less responsible than the next friend you have, a little less trustworthy, maybe a little less better of a friend overall, but you like him all the same just based on the fact that this person can make you laugh. You like to laugh and that’s why you like this person, you like what they can give to you and what they give to you is laughter. Those times where you just burst out laughing and having a good time are what give this life meaning because if you truly wish to think about it, we only live once. And in this one life you cannot take anything else with you onto the next life, but the one thing that does matter is how much you are able to enjoy your time here. Laughing is what gives us purpose and it fulfills so many needs that we may not even realize; even when we put great thought into it. I believe that without laughter, we as humans are incomplete.

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