Fear of Death

October 9, 2012
Fear of death. It seems like everyone has a fear of death. I myself don’t understand it. I believe we should embrace death, now don’t get me wrong. I DO NOT support or encourage suicide or anything crazy like that. I do not wish to die, I do not wish for others to die, but I think that when our time comes, instead of crying and wailing and fearing and fighting for our lives, we should accept it. Now I’m not saying that if your life is in danger and you can do something about it, that you shouldn’t. I’m saying that when it is inevitable, when it’s your time. Go with it, you’re not going to die before you’re supposed to. God has a plan for each and every one of us, once he feels we have served our purpose on earth he takes us away, to be with him. We shouldn’t fight his plan; God knows what he’s doing.

To Take the Road.

To take the road,
To take the road to a debt long owed.
I must not fear for he is with me,
I must be brave and follow quickly.
All my life I’ve dreaded this,
But now go willing to the lord’s sweet kiss.

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