Healthir Options, Healthier Life

October 6, 2012
By Anonymous

Healthier options, Healthier life

My high school is known for its somewhat friendly atmosphere, exceptional athletic teams, and outstanding academics. Basically overall, it seems to be a pretty good school. I believe that my school is good; however it needs to improve on a few things. Besides the worn down appearance of the school, and the terrible practice fields, the lunch menu needs to improve as well.

The high school's lunch menu can range from fish patties to spaghetti and meatballs. However, everyday at lunch, people can choose to buy pizza, French fries, cookies, chips, crackers, and ice cream. Those items are for sale every day without fail. We also have a salad bar option, however I don’t personally enjoy it because by the time D lunch rolls around, there are about four croutons and a handful of wilted lettuce left. Who wants to eat that? So, students choose to unhealthier route. I have witnessed people ordering six cookies and three bags of chips at lunch. Everyone is starving and you just want to eat what tastes good. But I feel that if you want to stuff your face at lunch, do so with healthy foods. Instead of grabbing a honey bun and some baked lays, grab some watermelon and carrot sticks. Obesity is extremely common in the ages of 12-17 mainly because of the unhealthy school lunches. It is an extremely important issue that just seems to be looked over.

My high school is extremely proud of its athletics. Athletes here burn an obscene amount of calories every day. I understand because I am an athlete for this school. I play both field hockey and lacrosse. I know firsthand how hungry you can get before practice and even during the day. But eating a bag of Doritos before practice is not going to help you. Vending machines need to be stocked with fresh fruits, granola bars, and yogurts. Those snacks will give athletes the energy they need to succeed.

However, if you are not an athlete, you still should be munching on something a little healthier besides burnt French fries and rubbery hot dogs at school. Fresh salads, fruits, and other healthy options need to available at school. Plus, it's almost summer! Bathing suit season is right around the corner! Last time I check, stomach rolls and cellulite are not a look for anyone planning on wearing a bathing suit. This school as well as schools around the country should set an example for other schools by serving healthy lunches and snacks to prevent teenage obesity. You never know, you could be one cookie away from exploding.

The author's comments:
Childhood obesity is an extremely scary thing and schools are not helping the case.

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