The Outsiders by S.E Hinton

September 28, 2012
I usually hate reading, but this book made me feel like a nerd. I could not put it down. This book did not keep the same genre throughout it. Sometimes it would be humorous, then it would change to sad, then it would go back to funny and just switch all the time.

The Outsiders is about, mainly, a group of 6 greasers who are best friends basically brothers. These boys go through good and bad things together. They lose close people, meet new people, and go to rumbles against the Socs. Socs and greasers don’t really get along that well. They’re completely opposite. Socs are rich; greasers are middle class and poor. Socs wear polos; greasers wear plain white and black t-shirts, or plaid. Socs have cut hair; greasers have long, greased hair.
Johnny is the youngest, quietest, and most laid back of the group, Sodapop, Ponyboys second oldest brother, is not a big reader. Darry, on the other hand, Ponyboys oldest brother, gets really interested in books and drawing pictures. Darry is always yelling at Ponyboy for something. Sodapop is Ponyboy’s favorite person; Soda loves Pony more than his mom and dad even. You learn a lot about Ponyboy in this book, he is the narrator. Two-bit is the jokester of the group and he wears a Mickey Mouse shirt and always tells the jokes and makes everything happy even when everyone is mad or sad. But he is barely mentioned in this book. Dally has a record with the fuzz a mile long.

There are a lot of conflicts in The Outsiders. Like, Johnny and Ponyboy go inside an abandoned church and were told they shouldn’t be in there but they decided not to listen and realize that wasn’t a very smart idea. People get hurt, people get saved, and people die. They fight and they get along. But in the end they all stuck together through thick and thin, just like brothers.

S.E Hinton was only 16 when she wrote this book and this book feels like an adult wrote it. S.E Hinton is a very good author. She includes really good details in The Outsiders. I recommend this book because it is very interesting and from the beginning makes you want to read. On a scale of 1-10 I would definitely rate this book at least an 8 or 9.

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