Reading Shakespeare

August 9, 2008
By Michael Kane, Lawrenceville, GA

How does one read William Shakespeare, the simple answer according to a dear friend of mine who teaches high school English and taught at the Georgia Regency this year is you don't. Well the poems and such should be read but the bulk of it, his plays weren't meant to be read the were meant to be performed and seen. This is the reason they were and still are published as plays. Personally my favorite play is Julius Ceaser (Et Tu, Brutus) and yet a I can't stand reading the thing, but there are ways around this problem. Option 1 attend a play, While this works and as far as I know every state has a Shakespeare company this is still more effort than some are willing to put in. Option 2 Rent a movie be fore you rent however check the reviews of the movie you intend to see, quite a few of them were historically dubious. Option 3 the most time and labor consuming perform the play yourself. You'll need a budget of at least 400$ just for costume material though and that's if you know someone who can sew expensive but if you find you enjoy it the outfits for most of his plays are very similar and if you don't well your school's drama club has probably had some recent cutbacks. In any case go out and experience the bard in the way it was meant to be done

The author's comments:
Seriously I used to hate Shakespeare not because the story wasn't good but because it was written as a play
~The Mentalist

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