The success to life

October 4, 2012
By Anonymous

Happiness is a choice.” “The word cliché is the key to success.” “If you believe you can, your half way there.”

When people say happiness is a choice, I believe that. You can choose to happy no matter what. It’s all in your mind. Being happy as a person makes you feel way better about yourself. Even when you happy it makes other people happy because your setting off a good mood.

When I say the word cliché is the key to success, I mean anything is possible as long as you put in the time and effort. When people say you can’t do that that’s a cliché, that’s time to purk your ears up and say that’s it, I can do it. Because no matter what you want to be, or do, or accomplish in life you can do it. A lot of people say you have to be born to have that type of talent or think that you are just a natural at something. But there not, people have worked and worked so hard to get where they are today. Say you had a scale and it slowly went up every time you worked on whatever it is you wanted, if you got that chart and made it go on, and on, and on and on, the scale would reach to infinity and you would see the progress you made.

Another thing to success is people are going to tell you that will never happen, they are going to take you down, they are going to say no, and they are going to say it’s impossible. But you just got to ignore people that try to take you down. Take people who run marathons for example. They have to run 26.3 miles, which mean you can’t wake up one day and say I’m going to go run a marathon today and it be able to happen. You have to run almost every day for months to be able to run without stopping, and being out of shape. You have to eat healthy and it takes time and effort to do this but as long as you’re committed you can do it.

One day I want to become famous for being an actress or being on reality TV. I also know that this won’t just happen. Someone won’t just randomly come up to me and be like want to be on TV? That would just never happen. But to get where I want to be I have to put myself out there let people know who I am and would I am about. I also know I need to have some type of experience to be able to make it. That’s why I make video’s on YouTube. I’ve also learned that you should always talk to people even if you don’t know them. Your parents say don’t talk to strangers but you actually should.

What if that guy in the elevator was a person to get you where you wanted to be in life, what if the girl buying grocery beside you is on tour and needed another drum player? You never know what could happen unless you take chances. I know that people are going to tell me know that’s not going too happened and I should give up but this is what I say, “If you believe you can, your half way there” and I believe this quote too. Because believing that you can become what you want, makes you work harder for what you want and to have confidence in yourself. I hope by sharing these quotes and kind of giving a story on what they really mean can help them out in life for whatever their challenges are

The author's comments:
Quotes can tell you a lot about life. the reason i wrote this is because i tell my slef these quotes everyday to keep myself happy no matter what, and to know ill be successful one day

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