July 11, 2008
By Sarah Kane, Temple, PA

Why do people judge other people it's so random. Just because a person is fat, skinny, cool, uncool, popular, nerdy, a geek, goth, emo, prep, sporty. Any of these things and more people everyday are getting made fun of because they are being themselfs. When in reality or rather in your own mind you might just be a person or u and you aren't in a clique. People place you in a clique, but why? No one is really a bad person or atleast not in elementry/middle/high school. But they can be mean to like pick on you for being u. Also I don't understand cliques. And yet middle/high school even the end of elementry school you are put in a clique, but if you want to change the clique your in you have to work really hard. But why? Is it to impress people? Is it the clique you're in is shunning you? There just people that are suppose to be your friends, and if they shun you then they weren't really your friends were they? I don't believe in cliqueing myself. That's what my close friends and I call it when you try to be in one. Yeah I'm put in one, but not by my chose so I don't try to live up to what other people that aren't my friends think. I just live up to what I think I can do and what my friends believe I can do when I think I can't. But some people are lucky like my one friend that is out of high school. He was never in a clique. I'm getting to the point where I'm not in a clique cause I'm a lot off stuff and people don't know how to clique me. So I guess I'm lucky. But that's what I think you can agree or disagree, cause it's just one person's opinion.

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on Aug. 14 2008 at 10:55 pm
Hm. People put others into cliques because they are different. Humans tend to sort things out. While different groups may be called something because of the way they behave and think, there is no reason to insult those people. The silly cliques like 'goth' and 'jock' for example. The 'goth' clique is just a group of people that generally share interests in a certain fashion of clothing, music, and hobbies. The 'jock' clique are just people that are athletic.

It's a shame that people dislike one another and create these cliques, but they exist. I think that something should be done about it, in school, at home, and in the government. It's causing a lot of problems. Everyone is a human being. Treat them based on who THEY are, not their clothes, interests, or clique.


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