Eye Color

July 8, 2008
By Elizabeth Schwulst, Delafield, WI

Eye Color

Everyone in my family has blue eyes except my mom. My dad has bright blue eyes that are as blue as a calming sea. It almost seems my dads eyes light up a room. My brother has blue eyes also but are a little darker. My eyes are the brightest of all though. My eyes are as bright as a summer sky. We always get complements on how huge and blue our eyes are.
My moms eyes on the other had are way different. My mom’s eyes are like the taste of meting chocolate. When you look into her eyes you can almost smell warming chocolate. The warmth of them just rubs off on everyone. Her sweet personality matches right with her eyes.
Melting chocolate, calming sea, bright summer sky. They all have a perfect combination even if my mom doesn’t fit in. Who doesn’t want all that on a beautiful summer day!

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