How I Feel

July 2, 2008
By Anna Depina, New Bedford, MA

She agravates me
She puts me through pain
I'm loosing her as a sister
And I'm going insane

We used to be mad close
Now we don't even talk
And she tells me were going
To spend the summer taking walks

I no I'm not
What you wanted me to be
But please understand I wasn't
Brought up like Miss Tiffanie

I hate it when
You sit there, look at me and yell
Cause I'm weeping inside
And I know you can't tell

I've learned not to trust your promises
Cause they never are really true
And It's only a matter of time
Before it becomes new to you

You know I love you more than life
But we have drifted away
So I'm just going to leave this letter
So you've herd everything I have to say

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