Running Away

July 1, 2008
By Kemi Adeniji, Upper Marlboro, MD

I'm tried of running away from life,
'Cause life always seems to creep up behind me
And overtake me.
Life is always ahead.
It feels like a race I will never win,
So why even bother?
Why even try?
I tend to feel like the shortcuts will advance me,
And my schemes will confuse life.
But life is allknowing,
And if you run away, like I do sometimes,
It'll be like you're going in circles,
Ending up where you first began.
You'll make mistakes, most definitely.
You'll do things you'll regret.
But that's the secret of life-
Always learning from your mistakes.
But riunning away will never solve your problems.
It'll only make it worse.
So I'm tried or running away from life.
I'll face it, instead of letting it face me.
I'm through running away.

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