Why Did It Start?

June 30, 2008
By Angelia Rivera, Worcester, MA

I think it shouldn't have started. The war, you know that thing that is destroying our economy, killing our family members, and destroying our country as a whole. I think if it had never started, our country would have more respect for Bush, more self-confidence and more happiness within. People wouldn't have to worry about whether or not their children are going to have to work for the navy and stuff like that.
But why did it all start? It started out of false accusations and pure stupidity. It started when "we" accused Iraq of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 and when our leader accused Iraq of having dangerous weapons and such. They got mad. I mean they had all right to because how can you walk into a country and just accuse them of things like that with no proof. It's not right.
But, I think this war should end. Every country in the world hates us because of this war. I mean, we started it. But, it wasn't the whole nation's fault. It was just one person. Why do we all have to suffer because of it?
Also, the war has pulled us apart from our families. Since this war started, so many men leave to fight in the war. Once they leave, we find two ways you can get them back; if you are lucky enough, they come alive, or sadly in a body bag. Since this war has started 3,000 men have died. Now isn't that sad?
This war has destroyed our economy. It is so bad right now, it's not even funny. As of January 30th this year, the US government is in debt. They owe about $9.20 trillion. That's a lot of money and it's mostly because of the war. Isn't that bad?
So this war started because of two false accusations. It created chaos among us. Our economy is destroyed. Families are being pulled apart. Our country is hated by the rest of the countries. So...why did it start again?

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