Never Forget

July 4, 2008
as the tears fall down i feel the pain
and through the pain it began to rain
and through the rain i see the light
so dull and dead but shines so bright
and from the light i can hear the cries
and from the cries i see your lies
and that is when i opened my eyes
and that is when i realized
that love is a myth that will never come true
thats why ill never truely love you

cause you hurt me
just to see
if i would die

you lied to me
just to see
if i would cry

you lost to me
just to see
if i would be found

and you dropped me
just to see
how hard id hit the ground

but im taking back my life
to live a new
and that means living
a life without you
but i wont cry
and i wont fret
because i can forgive
but ill never forget

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