The Merry Go Round

June 26, 2008
By Sam Reardon, Tipperary, ZZ

Love can be amazing,breathtaking and love reminds us were alive inside.We feal every emotion known to man,we cry togethar,we laugh,we fight side by side then our minds become one and our lives rotate around as a single never ending dream.The person who love is always right, you would fight to the death for them.We sacrafice everything we have to please our object of desire and follow him or her whereever they might go.
Love is like an endless circle just the time it takes to journey around it takes a very long time.On the way both lovers grow togethar.Why do we commit everything to love? , maybe love is the ultimate true fealing or maybe it is a smokescreen that tricks and hurts everyone except the lovers.Love has no time for freinds,family or even the rest of life.There not important!.Sacrafice is an understatement , love can hurt threathen and even destroy freindship.Its rare to see, however it happens.You wont see it at the time because you will be too wrapped up in love.Dont say i didnt warn you!!.

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