Thier People Too!

June 17, 2008
By Kayla Welch, Oxford, NY

Every nation, every person has their own opinion on whether people should hate or except people for their skin color. I say, except. Never in my life have I been able to find even one reason why people must hate others because of a color. Some Caucasian people hate African American people because they are different,but did any white person ever realize or consider how hated by African Americans they could be? No. We treat each other differently because of a simple color, and we never consider that a color means nothing. A color does not change the love in their heart, the pain we’ve placed, or the soul that lives beneath that color. A racial reputation of evil blacks and over powering whites is ridiculous. A color of skin does not change or conform all people into thinking a like. Not all whites hate blacks and not all blacks are bad. The problem is not with just black and white but all other colors too. The Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, African Americans, and Caucasian people all have a certain degree of hate crimes. All races have people who dislike the others, and there is absolutely no reason for it. These people are indeed people. They have feelings and dreams just as you do, so why do you hate there flesh when it could in fact be better than your own by heart? A person who dislikes other equal people for being different is not a morally good person at all. They have no idea what is going on and they have nothing right going on in their mind. They are ridiculous and rude to even think a color or difference could make another a terrible, unworthy person; when in fact they are as wonderful or terrible as any other. All humans make the mistake to judge other people, including myself. We expect that if another person isn’t as pretty, or great, or worthy as us, they aren’t good person at all. They are people too. They are no different than anyone. If you believe a color can change a person’s heart you are truly a fool. You should think about the pain you cause other people and try and be that good person in the crowd who say, “They’re people too! Respect them, and love them as any other!” You could change their life, just for being humane. Blacks, whites, Asian, and Spanish have hearts and hopes for the future, so why do we limit the possibilities of those who wish to do great things because of a color? We shouldn’t!

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