Always here

June 21, 2008
By Jerryka Robinson, Houston, TX

Do not stand and cry at my grave
For I am not there
Instead I’m the wind that blows
Softly through your hair
I am the breeze that caresses your cheek
At night
And the sun that shines in the sky
So high and so bright
I am the voice you hear when the trees
Rustle their leaves
And the rain that falls
Every night that you grieve
I am the cold dark night when you sit alone
And the calm summer winds that blow
Through your home
I am the air that you breathe
The flowers and grass
I am everything around you
My love will never pass
I am the warmth you feel when
You tuck your kids into bed
And the I am the one
Who erases the bad thoughts from your head
I am there for you wherever you go

The happiness that surrounds you
When you’re feeling low
I am in everyone and everything
You will ever see
So do not weep
I am where I want to be
My shell is gone
But my love’s still here
And wherever you are
I am always near
So don’t continue to mourn
Just embrace my memory
Rejoice and be happy
For you’ll always be apart of me

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