Side-effects of Music

June 16, 2008
By Anna Goforth, Mobile, AL

Music…. Music has turned into much more than just a couple of beats or catchy tune. Today there are hundreds of genres and thousands of people creating them. We all have our favorite style that we think defeats the others, but when you think about it they are all just sounds; some more appealing then other. Though we don’t realize how much that little song blasting through our ipod speakers really effects us. In our minds it is simply a good sound with a cool beat, but we seem to have turned it into so much more. When we decide we like a style of music we find out the artist who made that great tune. We think there music is cool so automatically, we think they are cool. And when you think someone is cool you mimic them. The kids who love punk rock are usually dressed in black with lots of eyeliner on their face because it is what punk rock artist wear. The same goes for kids who love rap, they see their favorite artist with long, gold chains around their necks. So what do they do? Mimic them; what else? So we have determined our music effects our style but what about friends. You notice we usually make friends that have common interest with us. That is why you commonly see the kids in all black sitting together; same with the kids in all the bling. The music they listen to effetheir friend. Our music can effect our scts there style, which will effect there personality, which will then effect who they choose to be friends with. It effects our social life so much, which can effect our future. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. As long as we are okay with who we have become and realize how it will effect our future. So what is my favorite genre? Light, acoustic with a little folk. I normally wear cool, comfy beach style clothes and my favorite sandals. I know i am such a stereotype but that is cool with me.

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