Driving For Kids

June 9, 2008
By jake rohloff, Albany, NY

One of the issues for kids all around is driving age. I think that the driving age being 16 should be lowered to 13 because kids can ride bikes, go-karts and stuff, (but there would still be a driving test). It’s an issue because all kids need transportation to go places and kids would stop trying to beak the law driving under age. But there would also be bad things to this.

If kids could drive then they wouldn’t always have to do things like nag their parents about driving to their friend’s house or out somewhere. Also if a kid got separated from his parents they could drive back to their house if they hade a car they could ask for directions and they could see there parents at home. I know the whole thing sounds a little weird but it won’t be if we get use to it. Also make smaller cars , like go-karts , like by smaller I mean the pedals are closer bũt the car is the same strength so they don’t get ran down by 18 wheelers . Like for me I have to ride my bike to places like food places but it get tiring if you have to bike a few miles.
Or if kids could drive people wouldn’t have to break the law of driving under age.

But if kids would drive at 13 they would still have to go to driving school. But like a more intense driving school so they can manage driving good and not crashing.

When I talk about this to people that can drive, like my parents, a lot of them disagreed because they think it would be way too dangerous and I agree. But I’m sure the wanted to drive before they were able to too.

But there would also be bad things to that. Like younger kids might think its a game and drive out of control. Or not be safe for them because they are small. For example more then 6million people are killed by driving accidents a year, if kids weren’t taking it seriously there could be a lot more. Also older kids could drive drunk a lot about 250, 000 people are killed each year from drinking and driving. So there would be some downsides to kids driving at 13. Also the gas prices and the price of the car would be to much money , but maybe they could have a kid discount . Or kids cars wouldn’t take that much fuel like a go-cart made to look like a car
But I myself would think it was cool if the driving age was lower. There would be bad things and good things about it but I would most likely like it and I’m sure the other kids would too.

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