Celebrating Holidays

June 8, 2008
By Marquis Liggins, Los Angeles, CA

Over the years, celebrating holidays has been overrated and misused to advertise and collect money. Every holiday in American history has its own meaning and significance. Holidays such as Christmas are supposed to be the day where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Instead, we as an American society, celebrate his birth by purchasing each other gifts, such as toys and jewelry, as if it is our own birthday. This is not what life is all about.

Not only have the common citizens taken advantage of holidays, but major corporations and businesses also take advantage. Car dealers, retail stores, grocery stores and etc. all have one thing in common, advertising. Holidays are the best times to advertise a sale on any product. During the holiday Thanksgiving, grocery stores would sometimes have sales on food, due to the increase in food purchase during that time. Toyota has sales on Camry’s every holiday. Saint Patrick’s Day being one of their favorites, they use an animated leprachecon to help advertise their sales. Although this might seem like a good thing, most people buy the car because they just like the commercial. The costumer then ends up with a car that he or she did not even desire.

Some call holidays “opportunities for corporate advancement,” and that’s what most are, Such as Valentines Day, and Halloween. Valentines Day is a day for love and happiness; but why is it on the 14th of February? Why not the 29th of May or the 28th of September? Shouldn’t everyday be about love and happiness? Does anyone remember the history of St. Valentine? As far as Halloween goes, I personally am not a fan of dressing up as a television or movie character.

`This is not a letter written to put down, or disrespect any so called “holiday”. I am simply just asking why celebrate something that had nothing to do with history? Some people think they have the answer to that question, and that answer is “Because we can!” Although this is true, some people do dislike participating in certain holidays, they have no choice almost. Everyone dresses up for Halloween, and buy chocolate for their valentines. So the real question is, do people participate in holiday events because they choose to, or are they pressured into doing it by their fellow piers? Pier pressure plays a major role in everyone’s life. Not only in deciding weather to celebrate the next upcoming holiday, but also in our daily life changing decisions as well.

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