Lifes ups and Downs

June 6, 2008
By Marcus Karriem, Los Angeles, CA

Lifes up and Downs

Life is very unique it’s very valuable to each human being on earth today. There are good things and bad things that happen in life. Things happen in life for a reason god makes everything happen just because. Some of the things that makes up life or society are good and then some of them are bad. The good things that happen are; friends, sports, and success and the bad things are; gangs, drugs, and racism. Those are some of the things that make up are life and or society.Well for me certain things make life great for me.

Basketball which a very great sport by the way helps me get away from certain things that happen in life. The thing is basketball keeps me away from all the trouble like gang banging and drug dealing. Those two things are not the life to live they aren’t safe its just fast money fast money isn’t always good money. You don’t need those things in your life so stick to as many activities as possible to keep you away from those things and sports and doing other things to keep your self busy will set you up for a good life. In society a lot of gang try and take away from the gifted athletes that are in the area they try and convince them that its not good doing whatever there doing and there working for the white man. They try and make it seem like gangs are an actual family when there really not because if they were they wouldn’t leave you when your in trouble like behind bars or just period they would turn on you act like you don’t exist, but then you would call upon the people that been there your hole life which is your real family. So gangs are a no no that’s why I turn to basketball or an after school class to keep my self out of harms way.

Friends are very important to have in your life. You just shouldn’t want to be all alone in life. By you having friends is very great thing for one you guys can go and hang out together like go out to dinner or goto the beach and etc, but its always good to have a variety of friends not just one race friends because anyone or I should say any of your friends can do things to help you and they can also be trade you. So when you get your group of friend chose them risely and when you only have one group of friends that are the same color people might begin to think your racist even though you may not be , but people might assume so its good to have more then one colored friend. Friends are put here to keep you happy so you guys can enjoy life together not down talk or compete with one another so friends to me are everything specially the ones who are closer to you. Some bad things about friends are they can be hater jealous of what another friend has but for example I treat my friends how they treat me so with that being sai my things are also my friends things just don’t abuse things that are mine.

No matter what you go through in life you strive to be the best and you become successful. Being successful takes a while but it gets your life were you want it to be you wouldn’t have to worry about certain things because your success would pay off. All the long hours of school from high school to college it will pay off. Education plays a big role in success today without a college let alone high school education you wont be able 2 proceed in life. Focusing on your books and knowing what you will b pursuing in life is key to being successful this way by the time your out of high school you can already know what is up coming. You will make a lot of money being successful and we all know everyone loves money. You can be a professional athlete, be a doctor, artist, or etc. All these things take time, but when you put the effort look at how good things become for you. Your able to stay out of trouble do things big for your family this will make you feel great. This would change your life forever.

In conclusion living life to the fullest is great. Having a wonderful friends and big dreams of being successful are fantastic. Staying away from the gangs, drugs, and racism are great qualities ti having a great life. Life is very precious and you only live once so do it smart live it up while you can don’t let any one come in your way just hold your head high and just think positive and not negative things and that will lead you to a life of your dream.

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