June 6, 2008
By Anthony Santor, Guilderland, NY

Why, why, why

Why do people judge other people? Well I certainty don’t know. It’s like people “judge a book by its cover” sort of thing. They say things about you that might not even be true. They think they might know you’re bad at something without even you seeing the thing they say you doing badly.

The way I look at it is that they don’t know what there talking about and they just say the things in front of there friends to make them look “cool” and or make the other person look bad. When kids say that to other kids I think it makes them look bad. There saying things for know apparent reason. Yea maybe the person might be bad but they might already know that and you don’t need it to be announced to the world, it just makes them feel really bad.

I know all this is true because it happened to me. Last year two kids saw me play baseball once for about two or three innings and I wasn’t doing so hot, a couple days later they started saying dumb headed things like “Anthony is horrible at baseball” and just stupid things like that. I know for a fact I’m better than some kids, that say that but I don’t say anything, I just leave it alone.

For people on the other side of it, the people actually judging the other person I would never want to be one of those kids or in my future life as an adult. If I or any of my friends or peers started to do this I would try to stop them and say that’s wrong. But the kids in my age group do, do this for a reason and it’s to be popular I can see that but they shouldn’t be doing that by hurting or upsetting someone. They should gain that popularity respectively in a way that won’t hurt someone’s reputation there feelings and there being as a person

I can’t stop the kids for doing what they do and even adults from what they do. Therese a huge laundry list (Ex: kids talk about kids behind their back, and kids say mean things to there face about the problem) of things that kids and adults do to make themselves look good or to make someone else feel bad. I’m not trying to tell you what to do I’m trying to say what’s right. The people who aren’t necessarily good at things shouldn’t be put down even more by having meant hurtful people judge them.

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