Teens Can't Go Anywhere

June 6, 2008
By Dylan Hayes, Schenectady, NY

I believe adolescents should be able to go to movies with their friends without a parent. Kids this age are responsible and their parents need to learn how to trust them. Parents got to go to movies at a younger age then they‘ll let their kids do. Parents are afraid of leaving their children alone because they are worried about them, but there are things that parents can do to keep the kids safe when they are alone.

Adolescents kids are responsible and parents need let them out of the house alone. A national survey says the number one reason parents are afraid of having their children do things alone is that they will harm themselves or others. But parents are wrong; kids follow the rules. We do our homework and chores and respect our parents and teachers. We take care of our siblings and help out with Mom and Dad. We get ourselves up, dress ourselves, make our own breakfast and go to school. Most of the the time we stay out of trouble and we get sent to the principal once in a blue moon. We are very reliable.

Parents forget what it’s like to be a teenager and want to do things without their parents. There was a national survey of 1,029 adults asked the age when they were first allowed to do certain “grown up” activities without adult supervision, such as walk to school, staying out after dark, going to the movies alone with friends. The results were these adults feel that kids today should have to wait about a year longer then when they were kids. Most adults could do those things at age 12. Now the same adults say kids need adult supervision in those activities until age 13.

What things can parents do to make sure their children are safe doing things like going to the movies alone? Parents could have their children fingerprinted by child safety organizations. Parents can teach their children not to talk to strangers who do not know a special family password. So when someone comes up to them and says you dad asked me to pick you up. Let’s go and the kid says no and the stranger says I know the password its “patriots rock” and they go with him. Parents also can give there children a cell phone and they can have times where they could check in.

Kids are not allowed to go to movies alone. Crossgates Mall won’t let them go alone unless they’re old enough. I don’t think this is fair. I think there should be times when young teenagers can go to movies alone. Kids are responsible and reliable enough to not do bad things. Also, parents were allowed to do things more when they were teenagers. Maybe there is more trouble in the world today, but kids can work with parents to be safe. Give kids a chance.

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