Junk Food For Sale!

June 6, 2008
By Azmad Din, Altamont, NY

Junk Food For Sale!

First of all I would like to start by saying I LOVE JUNK FOOD! By junk food I mean cookies, chips, soda, and fries. All these foods might be familiar to you. All these foods are usually in middle schools’ vending machines and snack bars. So you probably see kids walking out with their lunch tray full with food. You think to yourself, why are the schools letting kids get these foods? Well the vending machines help your school really. All the money kids spend on the vending machines goes to the school. So pencils, pens, textbooks, and all the other school supplies are bought with the money from the vending machines.

Some kids forget to bring their own lunch so then they go to the vending machines. The vending machines are really helpful to students who forget lunch. They can just buy a snack and go on their way. According to National Conference of State Legislatures, 69% of schools make more money from vending machines. I personally like the vending machines. If it’s really a hot day in school I just go to the vending machines and get a cool drink.

Snack bars are a big way to get those delicious snacks. There’s always a line at the snack bar. Kids come out with all these different types of snacks. But some schools are taking the snack bars out. Just imagine a school with no snacks or treats. Just vegetables and fruits. Would you like that?

Junk food in the classes is okay with some teachers. Like how you can have a bag of chips or a little snack. But junk food makes you hyper. In gym classes we get to be hyper for all the things we are going to do. Like if we are running track and field or are doing project adventure. We have to be hyper for these things. But classes like math, science, and language arts, there are different rules for eating snacks. Like in science we need to eat the junk food for experiments or tests. But in math or L.A, we can’t eat junk food.

People always say junk food leads to obesity. That means they think junk food is always bad for you. But it really isn’t. Junk food is good. It helps teens make their own choices on foods. They can choose what they want to eat. This helps them become better at making healthy choices.

Junk food is okay to eat. It lets teens choose their food choices. It lets kids be more energetic and be more active in classes. It also lets teens get a quick snack when they don’t bring their own food. Junk food isn’t a bad thing in school. Schools should allow vending machines and junk food in school.

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