Warning: High gas prices

June 6, 2008
By Kento Yamaguchi, Albany, NY

If you been at a gas station, you might have noticed that the prices are over four dollars per gallon now. You may ask “why?” The reason why they are rising is because the cost of a barrel of gasoline is rising up.
A lot of people use gas to fuel up their car. The people who work in the gas stations should lower their gas price because if they don’t soon technology will get better and will find an alternative way of using fuel for cars and using that instead.
One day in someone’s life, like mine, I will get to drive a car. I am thirteen now. Three years from now, I will get my driver’s license. If I don’t have a car, I would use my parent’s car instead. If the gas prices are five dollars three years from now, and my car runs out of gas, I would end up spending lots of money on gas. I know my parents would be mad about me spending a lot of money on gas.
I think they should lower their prices because if they don’t, they could lose money instead because people will already be driving a different type of car.
I know that the people who work at the gas stations would lose money if they sell gas for under four dollars right now.
It would be very impossible to get to the places far away without using a car. There are some ways you could avoid the gas station in order to save money. For example, if you go to work in a place nearby, or if your extra curricular activity is nearby, you could walk there.
Another way to save some money is car pooling. If you wanted to go somewhere far like the Great Escape, you could car pool with someone else who wants to go to the Great Escape.
I know that gasoline is very bad for our environment. If less people drive a car, then our environment will be better.
I hope technology will get better overtime so I won’t have to drive a gas fueled car. Or the barrels, hopefully, will cost less in the future to avoid paying higher gas prices.

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