Can cell phone kill you?

June 5, 2008
Can cell phones kill you?

Using cell phones at the wrong time can be very dangerous. In fact about 20 to 30 percent of car crashes are caused by using cell phones.

Over use of cell phones, using them at the wrong times, and texting your friends and family can lead to car accidents or even brain tumors.

Most of the states have a law that there is no cell phone use while driving. I agree with that law except I think that every state should have that law.

My sister and cousin just got their driver’s license. Plus I know they both love to talk to their friends on the phone and send text messages. I don’t want either of them getting hurt, so I think they should not use cell phones while driving. Plus it’s against the law.

Sometimes the reason people use cell phones is for emergencies. Like if you’re going somewhere and you get lost you need to call that person for the directions to the place. Also another emergency could be if you’re driving and you get dizzy or feel very sick, you would call someone to help you.

Can cell phones really give you brain tumors? It’s true; you can get a brain tumor from using cell phones. Unless you have a high risk of getting illnesses or it’s in your family gene then you have a very low chance of getting it.

Cell phones use a very, very low level of radio frequency energy. When you hold a cell phone up to your ear, the cell phone gives off micro waves witch can cause brain tumors.

So now we know that using cell phones while driving can be very dangerous. Plus not all of the states have the law against driving with cell phones. Do you think they should? Even though getting a brain tumor is extremely rare you should still be cautious.

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