What Will Happen Tommorrow?

June 5, 2008
By Kiara Harold, Albany, NY

Miley Cyrus is an icon throughout the world. Her young fans adore her in every way. Some may even look to her like a role model. But when these young fans look up to some celebrities like Miley Cyrus their worlds may come to an end because they don't know how bad influences can affect their lives later on. Some celebrities don’t care how they are affecting some of our children’s actions.
Now when you think of Miley Cyrus, you think a nice young adult learning about the new world on her career in music. But when you see her photos you will have a blank stare wondering if her parents were insane for letting her take those photos. One photo was of her naked with sheets wrapped around her like a toga.
Television advertisements make kids think one day that they can be like the stars. The more famous stars keep this up, then actions are bad influence on teens and young kids. Miley Cyrus, also known as Hannah Montana, may soon act like another bad influence. She already was a bad influence to younger children by the pictures she took. Later in a couple of months, young kids might be doing the same. They might start taking bad photos of themselves and posting them on the Internet so that others can see, even predators.

On December, 12 2006, Nicole Richie (a celebrity) was arrested on charges of driving under the influence. Nicole was alone in the car driving the wrong way on a California highway at 4a.m. and also at 5 feet 1 inch and just 85 pounds she failed a field sobriety test. Police says she admitted to smoking pot and taking the prescription painkiller vicodin.
Lindsey Lohan (a young actress) has been criticized by some of her Hollywood co-stars for partying too hard and not working enough. Last September, Paris Hilton was arrested on a DUI charge. Britney Spears was leaving her two children at home to celebrate after she got divorced. She ended up losing custody of her own kids.
This may leave others in a bad position in the way how teens act now. They think that if stars do it that means it is cool and that it makes them very popular, but it doesn’t. It makes them wrong.
Celebrities need to be more careful about what their actions are. They need to know how they can affect their young fans that look up to them as role models. I know it’s their life, but they should be more responsible to their fans. When celebrities get in trouble, that encourages young people to do the same. In my neighborhood children make bad decisions because they have seen their role models doing the same bad actions and getting away with breaking the law and getting very little or no punishment for their bad actions. I know that I need to think carefully before doing something wrong because it can affect my life in a bad way and I want to have a successful life.
When Lindsey Lohan gets in trouble, she usually goes to rehab. When she does this, they usually make her feel pampered because it’s a place for celebrities and for wealthy people. And when she gets out, she can go straight to her agent and there’s a movie waiting for her.
Paris Hilton had to go to jail, but it was only for a month. She also had the best jail cell. It was decorated to make her feel like she was at home. She also got special food, not the nasty jail food.
Regular people don’t get pampered like this. They usually get real punishments. And they stay in jail longer. They usually lose their jobs over their criminal record and there’s no new job waiting for them. Regular people can’t get away with things like celebrities.
So when celebrities make mistakes, it influences their young fans that may be affected in the future. The young fans might decide to do wrong. But young people can’t get away with it like celebrities, because they don’t have money. They need to open their eyes and look at the real picture.

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