June 5, 2008
By Monica Ovalle, Woodburn, OR

*Guys some are ugly
Some guys say they will be there forever
Some guys will truly leave you never
Some guys show off to get girls attention
And they end up in lunch detention
Some guys really love you
And it seems like some guys just want to play you
Some guys will stay in a relationship
Some guys are hot and
Some guys are not!
Guys make your heart go crazy!!!
And some guys are straight up lazy
Some guys don’t like the relationship there in
Some guys just like to play with your feelings
Some guys are sweet
And some guys are just plain mean
Some guys are funny
And some guys like running
Guys some are boring
And then some guys are more outgoing
Some guys are smart
And some guys are just plain dumb
Guys can’t live with them
Can’t live with out them*

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