rose colored glasses

May 29, 2008
By Candice Powers, Pelham, AL

Looking through the eyes of people who see the fake side of me, I am eaten by your snide remarks and hurtful words. As I cowardly walk towards another day facing you, I try to mute you, wishing my life was a television I could turn off. I would love to be one of you, slowly killing the people like me, the people that don't matter. I think in one way or another we all hope deep inside that we could be the superstars in the school, desperately reaching for something we would never be able to grasp. We sit here, wishing our lives away, and as the days go by, we slowly lose ourselves. We quietly move along with the others as we mechanically start to look like them, talk and act like them, because after all of that wishing, after all of that silent praying, you are finally getting what you wanted. You are becoming one of them; you are camouflaged into everyone else, because you did not appreciate who you were before.

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