The Science of Hoarding

May 29, 2008
By Jaemo Lee, Palatine, IL

Do you pass a yard and feel compelled to buy something even though you are never going to use it? This is called hoarding. Hoarding is a national disease many people tend to get. It is not a physical disease, it is more mental. Closets are full, attics are stacked to the rafter, and garages are line with boxes and boxes of unneeded items. Many who do not have enough room buy and move into bigger houses. If they do not have enough money, they just rent storage space.

The disease starts at a young age. The child’s room is filled with artwork from previous years and many items that they had become attached to as the years passed by. The basement is filled with household goods, stained rugs, frumpy lamps, dog-eared books, old clothing, and outdated appliances. Much of the things go unused for years. Many people forget that they have such items in the house.

It is a good thing that once a year, in various places, there’s a spring cleanup day, in which the trash collectors expand their purview, collecting all manner of junk that they would refuse otherwise. This day encourages people to throw away old furniture, power tools, electronics, and other items. Without this day, many people’s houses would be filled with useless items. People just should leave the things they don’t need on a couch. If they don’t need it, someone else surely would.

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